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GEMS Global ECG Management System
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GEMS Global ECG Monitoring System
Event Monitoring and Pacemaker

GEMS™ (Global ECG Management System) is the world's number one software solution for cardiac event monitoring. The GEMS™ user-friendly patient management system is the easiest way to receive and store ECG's and patient information on the market
today and is specifically designed to accommodate busy clinics and healthcare professionals with their daily tasks.

A cost effective alternative to using expensive hardware
receiving systems, GEMS™ can easily be installed on most
desktop computers and can track and store comprehensive
patient information including enrollments, symptoms, medications, diagnoses, inventory, devices, follow-ups, schedules, and a multitude of reporting options for a variety of patient follow-ups
and tests.

The GEMS™ system is an efficient, comprehensive, and fully customizable solution for all of your clinic's Pacemaker and ICD follow-up needs. Learn how your clinic can benefit from the increased efficiency and ease only the GEMS™ complete ECG Management System can provide.

The Cardiac Community is buying GEMS™ because:

  Open architecture allows communication with devices from any ECG device manufacturer (new and existing)
  Extensive and detailed standard and custom reports
  Reports can be posted to secure web sites
  Real-time ECG viewer can be distributed or licensed as a software development kit (SDK)
  Fully scalable (small clinic to large hospital solutions)
  AutoAttendant module, for computer automated answering of event recorder transmissions, a key feature for improving efficiency and reducing staffing requirements with auto answer capabilities

GEMS™ Reports GEMS™ ECG Recording

  Patient transmission and detailed summary Single and multi-lead ECG acquisition and display
  Single and multi-channel Automatic decoding of device IDs and event markers
  Full Disclosure Compatible with most event recorders
  Batch reporting    
  Custom hospital/clinic reports
and logos
Implanted Device Information

  In-clinic and Trans-telephonic
Guidant™ programmer disk upload directly into GEMS™
  Implanted/Explanted device reports Track and display entire patient implant history
  Device Alerts Easy to use Pacemaker and ICD implant workflow
  Custom hospital/clinic reports and logos Extensive Device dictionary
      Device and Lead alert tracking

GEMS™ ECG Editing

GEMS™ Appointment Scheduling

  On-screen caliper & beat caliper measurements Easy to navigate 'day-timer' appointment scheduler
  Speed, gain and frequency filters Auto-scheduling of appointments
  Variable sample labels and lengths Custom appointment time lengths
  Input Technician and Physician interpretations Tracking and rescheduling of cancelled or missed appointments

U.S. & Canada (Toll Free)
1 (877) 977-9425
Efficient, Scalable, and Easy-to-Use
Improved quality of health care
HL7 Interface module
Customizable work flow
Remote report online viewing

Customer Support
24/7/365 phone support
24 hour emergency support pager with 15 min response time
Remote support to your PC via Internet
(WebEx™ software)

Software Services
On-site or remote installation and training
Database conversions to GEMS
Custom reports
and more...

Additional Features and Options

Assign and track event recorder inventory
Custom list editor
Customizable Physician notification
(Fax, Email, Mail)
Upload reports to the Internet using the Report Upload utility
Single or multi-user licensing available
Unmatched 24/7/365 customer service and support
All ECG recording and editing features of GEMS Arrhythmia
HL7 interface compatible
Inventory management for Pacemaker transmitters
Pulse width marker display on TTM ECGs
Complete follow-up history
and more...



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